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Mediterranean Sea

Discover the Mediterranean on a yacht

Spring has come, and warmer weather naturally makes one crave for travel. This is the perfect time to book your summer vacation before prices start skyrocketing. How about a 100% Mediterranean itinerary aboard a luxury yacht?

The advantages of the yacht …

Chartering a yacht to sail across the Mediterranean Sea comes with several perks. You enjoy all the benefits of a cruise without the crowd and obligations. You are the only one to choose your route and to plan your excursions. Total freedom!

What are the best spots in the Mediterranean?

Every country bordered by the Mediterranean deserves to be seen. On the European continent, in France, the city of Saint-Tropez and the charm of its picturesque old town will seduce you for sure. To continue in this spirit, the villages of the Italian coastline also hold some nice surprises, the beautiful Cinque Terre area being one of the most sought-after Italian destination.

You can also explore the beauty of the Greek landscapes before going along the African continent until the Moroccan coasts and then finish the adventure in Spain. You will have achieved a beautiful loop made of thousand landscapes as beautiful as diverse.

Prepare your excursions

Aboard your luxury yacht, you will have the opportunity to discover all the most beautiful coastal cities of the Mediterranean and stop to visit those that inspire you the most. On dry land, we advise you to use private driver services and a travel agency to plan your trips safely.

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